Friday, January 30, 2009

"Ultra-Crafty Party Planner Extraordinaire!"

What a compliment! I'm jumping up and down with excitement! Melisa from Project Nursery has asked me to become a contributor for their fabulous blog! She has been following all my projects at TheTomKatStudio, and she has dubbed me their "Ultra-Crafty Party Planner Extraordinaire"! Why, thank you! I'm so excited for this opportunity!

In case you aren't familiar with Project Nursery, it is a really great blog on all things kids & baby, with a focus on decorating, including baby rooms and family-friendly living. It was the first "creative" blog that I started following, and is still one of my favorites. Since I started following it a few months ago, their hits have gone from 10,000/month to over 100,000/month!

They are always looking for fresh, fabulous nurseries to feature so my first quest is to find a few! Email me if you have a fabulous nursery (don't be shy!) or know someone who does!

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Live.Love. Photography said...

Congratulations Kimmi! I know you love their blog and probably estastic about it! You will do great, you always do xoxo

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Thank you!