Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kid Activity: Explore the Backyard!

While my daughter was napping the other day, my 3-year old son and I went out to spend some time exploring our backyard. Of course we play back there all of the time, but this time we set out to really check things out. I brought along my camera, so we could find pretty things (for me) and cool things (for him) to take pictures of.

I think our our landscaping is pretty standard for the Phoenix area, and never really thought it was anything special. However, after really exploring, I realized those standard plants are quite spectacular. I didn't even realize how many different plants we have out there!

Lately, we have been seeing lizards in the backyard, so we kept an eye out for those. (real lizards, not like the fake reptiles we hunt in the house :) I actually caught a photo of one!

Tommy loved seeing all the photos we took together...especially the one of the lizard!

{photos by me ~ kim stoegbauer}

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