Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Many Cupcakes = A Serious Sweet Tooth!

Okay, so a couple weeks ago, I confessed that I was going to start going to the gym, due to my affection for cupcakes and all things sweet. I have to admit now that I went that one day and it was so traumatic for my children that I haven't been back yet. We were getting ready for our vacation, and I wasn't ready to make the commitment of training my kids to hang out for an hour with the crazy, screaming children. However, I promise, I will go back and they will be trained someday.

On another note, I visited my dentist today. I really didn't want to, (who wants to go to the dentist?), but I was forced to. My husband recently left his job with the homebuilder that he has worked for the last eight years, (more on this exciting news later!) which meant that our dental coverage would no longer exist as of July 1st. Hence, the June 30th appointment. What can I say, I'm busy! Well, luckily my appointment was in the morning because my dentist broke the news to me that I have 7 new cavities. It's only been a year since I've been! Not like the last time when I had like 10 cavities and I hadn't been in five years! Ugh. Since the insurance was running out today, I had to go back this afternoon and get ALL 7 cavities taken care of. Fun. Really fun. I do have to say though, my dentist's office does everything possible to make you comfortable while they chisel away at your teeth! I was cuddled up in a super soft blankie watching "He's Just Not That Into You", during the whole process. Without the movie, I would have been going insane...all the buzzing...scraping....sorry, I'll stop.

Afterwards, since I could barely move my face, I had an Oreo milkshake for dinner. Isn't that fitting? What can I say...I have a serious Sweet Tooth!

Speaking of Sweet Tooth, have you heard of "The Sweet Tooth Fairy" bake shop in Utah? If you read NieNie (if you don't, you should), you know about this shop. Check out their delightful desserts HERE! One day, I hope to eat something from there, rather than just look at it. Yum.

P.S. Could their logo be any cuter?!?


Anonymous said...

Her cupcake slide show is so cute. Great ideas and I love her huge cupcake stand. Although I did just buy the Wilton one. Don't know what I would do with the big one. Your blog is so cute Kim, I enjoy reading it every day.

Adelina Vazquez said...

Hey Kim,
I don't always comment but I visit often and just wanted to tell you this is great! I love the parties but your personal stories are the best! I feel like I totally know you! You will sooooo be on Martha and Oprah one day!! LOL!!!

Kristi said...

oh honey!7 cavities...poor thing! I feel your pain, as I was just into the dentist for 3 cavities. I got to watch "Made of Honor" with my cutie pie Patrick Dempsey...boy did he help make my dental visit more enjoyable!!

Sandi said...

I love NieNie, and am still drooling over the birthday cake she had. Yum!
7 cavities- Yikes! At least you got a milkshake for dinner...:)

Aaron [air] said...

So guess what?? I had treats from this very sweet shop just yesterday!!! And as a fellow baker I have to say that these are just DELISH!!!! I mean SO YUMMY!!! So maybe you do need to come to Utah and enjoy them. I promise it will be WELL worth the trip and yes we had the va-NIE-lla squared cupcake :)

Also on another note. I found a smaller version of the cupcake stand. Its a 3 tier and I found it at walmart of all places. Only $13 and some change! So worth it! Anyway I am glad to see that you featured The Sweet Tooth Fairy. The girl who is the "fairy" is Megan and I am sure she will be delilghted that you mentioned her. You know that she ships some stuff right??

Jen said...

Too funny! I hope I get to watch a movie. :)

Lindsey said...

just so you know...i can't leave my child amongst the screaming kids either! you are not alone! it would be nice to be able to go work out...or go to church...but it will have to be awhile i guess! :)