Thursday, April 16, 2009

Press: Garden Party & TomKat Studio Photo Shoot!

What a whirlwind of a day! I am sitting here all prettied up, blinking away at my computer screen feeling a sense of relief that the day is over. Don't get me wrong...this day is what every Martha Stewart wannabe dreams of (on a local level!). I had SUCH a fun time today, styling a little "Garden Party" and posing with my kids in my studio for the Mom article (possible cover?!) for Go Gilbert magazine!

During the Garden Party shoot, I learned that it takes quite a bit of effort to get the right shot. A ton of prep time, hair, makeup, clothing changes, set design.....all for one winning photo! We did that about 7 times, and voila, you have a fashion spread! I can't wait to see it come to life in the magazine!

Two gorgeous girls and their equally gorgeous children came over for the shoot. With children in the mix, things get a little tougher but the photographer, Paul Sebring was amazing. He was relaxed, fun and all around great. I had so much fun working with him, and Sondra Barr, the editor on this project!

I would have taken more pictures, but I really tried to hold myself back and be professional, instead of acting like the giddy little school girl that I was. We'll all just have to wait for the issue to come out in May!

After the Garden Party was over, I was summoned to get hair and makeup done by the girls from XS Salon. They went with a 50s housewife style, and I even wore an apron for the shoot! (How Martha is that?!) The apron is pictured above and I picked up as the inspiration for the entire party! I can't wait to see how the photos turn out! If I had more time, I would have dropped 20 pounds and got a tan before this! But, who knew?

What a fabulous day......I'm off to Divas...a night relaxing (and crafting) with the girls!


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Kim - That is so exciting. I'm dying to hear all of the details, spill!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing the pics!!! i am using the garden party pillows from the Target collection above and heather bailey fabrics in the girls' rooms that i am doing now. too funny!!!!

congrats on a fun day!

Live.Love. Photography said...

can't wait to see you as a 50's housewife!! cute!

Deidra said...

Can't wait to see more photos! I don't know if I missed this or not, but what is the name of the mag. that this will be featured in so that I will be able to purchase it?

Anonymous said...

I know that you craft some of your things with papers, but how do you design your invites? Is there a specific program you use? I usually make ALL my children's birthday invites by paper, but it's so time consuming and if there's an easier solution I would love to know (I've got three kids!!) Thanks so much!!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

The magazine is Go Gilbert!

I love that line at Target right now! It comes in everything from pillows, towels, shower curtains, etc. LOVE it.

I've been using Microsoft Publisher for years and years so for most new designs that is what I use!

Meredith said...

magazine cover?....wowsa! SO FUN

Live.Love. Photography said...

Hey did you make those butterflies on the glasses too?? great idea! Those are super cute!!

Tiz said...

Congrats! Everything looks gorgeous. You did an amazing job.