Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Favorite Things} My House Always Smells Yummy Like Sugar Cookies, Does Yours?

Have you heard of Gold Canyon Candles? Well, just a little background...When I was in college at ASU, I was a rep for them. (I was also an Avon lady!) Their headquarters are local here in Chandler, Arizona and I am obsessed with their products. The candles are seriously THE BEST smelling candles and actually fill your house with the scent. I can actually SMELL them making candles at the house we live in now because their factory is so close!
My very favorite flavor is and always has been the SUGAR COOKIE candle. I was so excited last week when I received an email about a PINK Sugar Cookie candle that they have that helps support Breast Cancer Awareness. I contacted a rep there to see if I could promote or host an online party to share these with you. She suggested that with my following, that maybe I should become a rep again! I figured, why not...and now here I am, ready to share the best of the best candles with you!
So, here's the deal.
When you purchase these yummy Pink Sugar Cookie candles,
10% of the purchase price is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

You'll notice a button for Gold Canyon Candles on my sidebar, if you decide to browse!
These candles make FABULOUS gifts, too!

My favorite scents for Fall/Winter:
Sugar Cookie
Cinnamon Vanilla
Mulled Cider
Warm Apple Crisp

{Of course, all of my favorites seem to be in the EDIBLES collection!}

There are about 100 scents to choose from!
If you are local and want to come by and take a sniff, let me know!

Gold Canyon offers a great program for their representatives. If you are interested in becoming one, email me at! It's a great opportunity for starting a small business and you can do everything online or host parties, totally up to you!


Jennifer said...

I do love Gold Canyon and the sugar cookie smell...have you been bombarded with people wanting you to try Scentsy? I have so many friends that sell it so I hear about it ALOT. lol

Cherie B said...

I had a neighbor who sold them! I love the no longer available Pineapple & Cilantro! One of my faves! Along with the Mulled Cider & Cinnamon Vanilla. All wonderful scents. Still have a few tea lights left in all those scents!

cleverlyinspired said...

mmmmmmmm sugar cookies!!!!

Nichcole said...

Kim, you are SO right!!!! Theese candles are the BEST....they also burn completely even, which I love!!! Try Bananna Nut Brad too.

Hmmm.....I think I will try the sugar cookie!

Sarah Brown said...

Ginger Lime helped sell my house!!!!=) Love that you are local--I did live in Chandler but have moved to Tucson--I will be back often!!!!

Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

I sold Scentsy for awhile and love their products...but I could never find a scent that came close to my favorite Gold Canyon candle...MRS. CLAUS'S KITCHEN! I could huff it all day long ;)

JC's Loft said...

Never heard of them so thanks for passing this along!!!!!!!

Mia said...

I SO agree! Nothing comes close to a Gold Canyon Candle. I used to be a rep too in college, but sadly spent all my profit on more candles, haha!! Good to know you are selling them, they make great gifts for just about anyone! :-)