Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{Photography} TomKat = Tommy + Kate

Just a little peek from our recent family photo shoot
with Vicki Lynn Photography.....
stay tuned....

{dress by chic by sha, hair accessory by gracylu originals}


Bobbi said...

This photo is so emotion-inspiring!! Beautiful!
You have to tell where you got her adorable little dress!

Kari said...


Ava said...

OMG! This is my first time here!
I am in love with this cute picture!

Rowaida said...

Gorgeous photo! God bless

Maddock Family said...

I make printable as well and am looking for a new program to design on. I'm wondering if there is one you recommend? I currently use Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you are!
It has been great seeing the growth and development of your business and website over this last year.
Congratulation on your well deserved success Kim - you deserve it!

A fan in Reno,