Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Invitations: My Beach Boy!

{sample invitation from etsy shown, not the actual}
{however, the photo IS my beach boy by livelovephotography}
Tommy is turning FOUR next month, and in June in Arizona, if you're hosting a should involve water or be indoors! We like to go the water route every year with a swim party! Last year, we did a "TAS Sports Tournament" (my son's initials) theme and my hubby set up an obstacle course in our backyard including a race, balloon tosses and games, crawling through a mesh tunnel, hitting a target with water balloons and then a team slide down the huge waterslide we rented! It was so much fun and everyone (including adults) got really competitive!

This year, we are renting a huge waterslide again in the hopes that Tommy will actually enjoy it. He says he's ready this year, but we'll see! I had tons of ideas for a GOLF themed party, but I just can't picture the 4-year olds in their plaid sweater vests in the heat of the summer. So, palm trees, tiki huts, swimming, is!

BEACH BOY invites now available in MY SHOP!

Custom ADDRESS LABELS also available!


Meredith said...

SO cute and Great photo Tina--
Tommy is so dreamy I tell ya.
I wish we could come...I do I do!

Anonymous said...

this is so stinkin' cute!