Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cupcake Monday: Perfect Summer Cupcakes!

Happy Monday!

My Etsy shop is now on VACATION until Monday, 6/8. My hubby is off for the week, and we are going to getaway with the kids for a few days and also prepare for Tommy's Birthday Party coming up this weekend! I decided (after much thought) it would be a good idea to put the shop on vacation mode, so I relax and catch up on some projects! I've been going, going, going and really need this little break! I'll still be here blogging.....just not taking any new orders in the shop!

For today's "Cupcake Monday", I figured this was the perfect cupcake to post since I am literally in vacation mode! Chelsea, at PaperCakes Finds, posted this bright, summery fun cupcake on her blog a couple weeks ago! I figured it would link to the recipe, or maybe to Martha's website....but these are cupcakes you can actually order on ETSY! (Who knew?....fresh baked goods?)

Visit the Cupcake Mint Shop HERE!

Yummy! These would be perfect for a tropical themed party or luau!

Happy Summer! (almost!)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Invitations: Retro Stripes Birthday!

I recently created these invitations for my friend, Shannon for her son's upcoming 2nd birthday party! She's easy....she sent me the photo and told me to come up with something cute! Originally she was thinking primary colors, but with colored stripes in his shirt, I tried out one of my latest favorite color schemes: orange, blue, green & brown. (I used these colors in Tommy's Beach Boy invitation, too!) I think turned out cute, and so did she!

The number "2" in the circle, is actually printed separately and "pops" off the page with a foam circle. Giving it a little more custom, crafty feel!

We're looking forward to your party, Dylan!

Retro Stripe Birthday Invitations are available in MY SHOP!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parties: Sweet Sixteen...Sweet Party!

This inspiration board from Tiny Talk, just makes me happy! I thought it might put a smile on your face, as well! Great ideas for Lollipop Parties!

Invitations: New Lollipop Invitation Labels!

At the request of a customer, I created these custom address labels for her daughter's Lollipop Invitations! They are hosting the party at a local Candy fun is that?!

I can't wait to see photos of Emmie's party!

These labels are now available in my shop, HERE!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Invitations: Pickles & Ice Cream Baby Shower!

I recently created this "Pickles & Ice Cream" baby shower invitation for a new customer! She sent me this inspiration board to give me an idea of the colors/style she was looking for!

She was really excited about the design, and I'm looking forward to creating all of her additional shower items (cupcake toppers, banner, tags, labels!) with this theme! I will share more photos when everything is complete!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Customers: Ava's "Cute as a Button" 1st Birthday Party!

A friend of a friend, Andra, emailed me last minute to see if I could get together a few party decor items for her daughter, Ava's 1st birthday party! I was fresh off the vine at this point, and jumped at the opportunity! Two days notice? Sure!

The birthday party ended up getting postponed because sweet Ava got sick, but eventually the "Cute as a Button" party was enjoyed by all!

I created cupcake toppers, chandelier hanging signs & the birthday banner in pink & brown! At my suggestion, Andra made the "button" onesie for Ava to wear....isn't it adorable?! So simple, yet so CUTE!

My friend, Meredith suggested that I create a "cute as a button" theme awhile back....and it's on the to-do list! I'll have to get my friend, Thuy to make the coordinating button onesies & t-shirts!

Thank you for sharing your photos, Andra! Ava is simply adorable!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Stationery: Personalized Notecards!

I love creating new items! The ideas in my head are going crazy these days. Seriously, I find inspiration everywhere. It is excites me the most when someone inquires about a new product or theme that I haven't created yet! This morning I received an email from a friend of a friend, Heather, that she needs thank you cards ASAP to send to friends for birthday gifts she just received. These are the samples that I've come up with so far.

You may notice on these bottom two, I used my favorite paper by Amy Butler. This is from the same line of paper I used for all the Garden Party paper products in the magazine shoot!
What do you think, should I add these to MY SHOP?
PS. Mere - Hope you like these, yours will be in the mail soon! Hope you had a fab birthday! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cupcake Monday: Super Cute Cupcake Punch!

I am a big fan of craft punches! I LOVE Martha's line of punches, all the little animals and flowers just make my mind go crazy with ideas!

My childhood best friend sent me an email about this adorable cupcake punch made by Impress Rubber Stamps! Isn't the card adorable? So I stopped over at the Impress website and ended up spending way too much time there! They have an "impressive" selection of fabulous items! I'm sure I'll be back when I can narrow down my ideas!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations: Little Birdie Boy TWINS!

My childhood best friend in New York, with whom I recently re-connected with (Facebook, of course!) is pregnant with TWIN BOYS! She requested my "Little Birdie" design, but with two little boy birds instead of the mommy & girl birdie! I think they turned out really cute!

She is planning on having cupcakes, half with my cupcake toppers, and the other half the Martha Stewart birdie cupcakes (so cute)! She promised to send photos after the shower, so I will be sure to share! Have a fabulous shower, Margie!

PS. I'm working on an inspiration board for a Birdie Baby Shower for Project Nursery! There is so much available with this theme and it's all so darling!


Friday, May 22, 2009

The TomKat Studio is on TWITTER!

First, I joined Twitter. I joined a few weeks ago, but now I'm finally "getting it". I wasn't so sure it was something that I should add to my already over-extended time on the internet, but what the heck? Gotta keep up with technology, right?

So I've made some friends, mostly blogging party girls and it's quite fun!

So...if you are on Twitter....FOLLOW ME!

If you're not, JOIN and get with the times!

I'll be tweeting....

Love, Kim

Project Nursery: Inky Binky Baby Giveaway!

Project Nursery just posted a GIVEAWAY that I coordinated for a local friend of a friend, who creates beautiful baby products! Audrey's company is called, Inky Binky Baby and she offers a wide variety of fabulous handmade items! When I saw this wipes case, I fell in love and knew that the word needed to be spread about Inky Binky Baby!

Good luck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Invitations: My Beach Boy!

{sample invitation from etsy shown, not the actual}
{however, the photo IS my beach boy by livelovephotography}
Tommy is turning FOUR next month, and in June in Arizona, if you're hosting a should involve water or be indoors! We like to go the water route every year with a swim party! Last year, we did a "TAS Sports Tournament" (my son's initials) theme and my hubby set up an obstacle course in our backyard including a race, balloon tosses and games, crawling through a mesh tunnel, hitting a target with water balloons and then a team slide down the huge waterslide we rented! It was so much fun and everyone (including adults) got really competitive!

This year, we are renting a huge waterslide again in the hopes that Tommy will actually enjoy it. He says he's ready this year, but we'll see! I had tons of ideas for a GOLF themed party, but I just can't picture the 4-year olds in their plaid sweater vests in the heat of the summer. So, palm trees, tiki huts, swimming, is!

BEACH BOY invites now available in MY SHOP!

Custom ADDRESS LABELS also available!

I picked a WINNER!

Congratulations my love!

Download my favorite Kris Allen song, HERE!

Fashion Shoot: Garden Party for Go Gilbert Magazine!

As you have probably read, I am featured on the cover of Go Gilbert magazine this month! The article is about moms who run businesses out of their homes, while raising babies! When I met with the editor for the interview in my home studio, she came up with the idea of having me stage a children's Garden Party for the fashion spread of the same issue. Since the photographer, Paul Sebring, would already be at my house for the Mama article, we figured my backyard would be perfect for the shoot, and we could do it all in one day! It was a FABULOUS experience! There were people buzzing all around my, makeup, wardrobe...very exciting! I loved it!

The opening spread is my favorite (above)! I could tell this was going to be gorgeous! I created the "Garden Party" banner, set the table with the floral tablecloth (Target), pink tulips from AJ's, and lemonade with fresh lemons from my backyard! The children in the photos are these gorgeous girls' own! Can you imagine looking like that with a newborn?!
I designed the children's tablescape with placemats (Target), green/white square flower paper plates (Ikea), pink round plates (Walmart), and made the monogram placecards and paper butterflies with Amy Butler scrapbook paper! The cupcake stand is my own, and I made the cupcakes, and of course, the flower cupcake toppers!

There are my cupcakes again! The editor was quite impressed with my cupcakes and said I should open a shop! Wouldn't that be fun!? A shop for cupcakes & all my party goodies? never know! My almost 4-year old, Tommy (on the right) was so excited to be in this photo. He is in love with this model and keeps ripping out this page from all of my copies of the magazine!

There is one of my lemon trees! The cute blanket was given to me by my friend, Meredith a few years ago! It was perfect colors for the shoot!
There are my favorite pink Martha pompoms again! They were adorable hanging from the tree over the table!

Thank you for a wonderful experience, Go Gilbert Magazine!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parties: My Favorite Cupcake Stand on Bakerella!

I would love to say that I inspired Bakerella to recently purchase the Wilton cupcake stand that I so lovingly talk about, but I'm quite sure that Miss Bakerella does not read my blog. She's a little busy baking and blogging about it! Have you ever visited her site? Her blog is ridiculously popular....for instance, on this post about the cupcakes for the baptism she made, there are already 3,000 comments and I just received the link via email. See the post and fab photos HERE! saw it HERE first!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Customers: Lucia's Little Flower 1st Birthday Party!

I was so excited when I received these party photos from a customer who purchased my Girly Girl invitations! I knew this party would be spectacular since mom, Erin is the owner of Volante Floral Design in Kansas City! I love the bright yellow and pink color scheme she chose! The cake is adorable topped with gerbera daisies! Check out her fabulous yellow rose hanging ball....gorgeous!Erin did a great job staying on budget, and found the adorable giant flower bubble kits at the dollar store, and the flower headbands in the Target dollar section!

I had to post this adorable picture of Vivian! I'm not sure who she is, but she looks so excited for the party! Gotta love the pompoms!

Thank you Erin, for sharing your fabulous party with us! Happy 1st Birthday Lucia!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cupcake Monday: NEW Martha's CUPCAKES Book

Happy Cupcake Monday!

My fabulous sister-in-law knew how excited I would be over this, that she texted me the minute she heard about Martha's new CUPCAKES book! It hits stores June 2nd, and you can be sure I'll be getting a copy (maybe for my birthday coming up in July?)! The book comes at appropriate time when it seems the world is obsessed with cupcakes! I can't wait to see what cupcake ideas Martha has chosen to include in book!

Need a gift idea? Last year for my birthday, my mom put together a basket full of cupcake supplies...I loved it! New cupcake pans (big & small), assorted cupcake liners, a set of icing tips, a cupcake cookbook, along my favorite thing, the Cupcake Courier!

Martha's new book is a perfect companion to her other sweet book, COOKIES!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Press: Go Gilbert Magazine - The TomKat Studio

Here is the full article from this month's issue of Go Gilbert magazine!

Press: Kate's Lollipop Party on Hostess with the Mostess!

Everyday is bringing more exciting news for the TomKat Studio! First Mama on the cover of a magazine, now my little sweetie, Kate greets you when you visit the ultimate party planning website, Hostess With The Mostess! HWTM has the BEST ideas for parties and I find tons of inspiration there. I couldn't be happier that they featured Kate's Lollipop Party today!

I have to admit, I have a little list of goals for the TKS in my was to be featured on HWTM! Mark that one off the list! At the top of the list? Be on MARTHA! :)

Thank you Jenn, for the fabulous post!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Press: Kim Stoegbauer - The TomKat Studio - Magazine Cover!

Here it is! That's me! On the cover of a magazine?!? Okay, so it's not my first magazine cover (see below), my family was on a Realtor magazine last year when our old house was featured, but it was a tiny little photo. This one is serious stuff!
This month's issue of Go Gilbert! is hot off the press! As I mentioned in my Sneak Peek, the publisher, Sondra Barr interviewed me for an article on Mompreneurs, and held a photo shoot at my house last month! While she was checking out my home studio, she asked if I would like to stage a party for their fashion spread for the same issue. She decided my backyard would be the perfect place for the shoot!
It was so much fun and great publicity for my new business!
More photos, details and the full article and fashion spread to come!

Project Nursery: Cupcake Birthday Inspiration Board!

As you know, I'm a little bit obsessed with cupcakes! I created this Cupcake party inspiration board for Project Nursery, and it posted today! Kate's birthday party last year was cupcake inspired and I think it's the perfect theme for a 1st birthday or any birthday for that matter!

Included of course, on the inspiration board is my Sweet Cupcake Collection,which is available on Etsy!

Find the sources and the full post HERE!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The TomKat Studio: Love is in the Air!

{print from madebygirl}

Kate's Lollipop Birthday Party has been getting more LOVE on the web!

It landed today on Baby Lifestyles, described by my blogging friend, Navy Sou as "the preferred lifestyle is the posh, the grand and the creme de la creme of all things “baby”! The writer interviewed me and wrote a very flattering article about The TomKat Studio & Kate's party! TAKE A PEEK HERE!

It's In The Details posted my Party Collections - Yummy Lollipop & Sweet Cupcake Collections, as well as my Little Birdie Baby Shower invite! VIEW HERE

Petit, a fabulous shop for luxury baby and kid items, featured Kate's Lollipop Party on their blog! VIEW HERE Their products have been featured in many of magazines!

My FAVORITE entertaining blog also said it would be featuring the party soon! I am keeping my fingers crossed! Stay tuned....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Parties: I LOVE Martha's Pom Poms!

Does that sound weird? Martha just added some new color schemes out for her pom poms! I am a big fan of these for parties! They are inexpensive and make a great impact. The new set above would go great with my Lollipop Collections! I bought a pink set for Kate's Lollipop party, and they were super easy and super cute! I left them hanging in my family room for days (if not weeks) because I loved them so much (or I'm just lazy)! We also used them in the Garden Party shoot for Go Gilbert magazine....which should be hitting the stands soon! (Can't wait to see how everything turned out!)

I also came across an Etsy seller, PomLove who also sells these wonderful poms in all sorts of colors! Check out her shop HERE!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Introducing Cupcake Mondays!

What a better way than to start off your week with a glimpse of a delicious cupcake? Whether a real cupcake, a cupcake paper treat, or anything else related to'll find something sweet here!
I'm a little obsessed with cupcakes...not just on paper, but actually baking and eating them! I bake them all of the time, for any occasion or for no reason at all. My kids love to help make them, lick the bowl and help with the sprinkles.

I will be posting a yummy morsel every Sunday night, so my email subscribers will receive Monday morning!

Who doesn't love a good cupcake?! Enjoy!

{photo courtesy of flickr - jessica_r}

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crafting: Simple Happy Mother's Day Card!

Need a last minute card for Mother's Day? These are simple to make! I think they are pretty self explanatory, but if you need help, let me know!
Hopefully my "moms" don't read this post until after they receive them! :) Love you, moms!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommas out there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion: My New White Flower Ring!

I treated myself to a little gift yesterday from the little boutique in the same building where I get my hair done! The shop owner keeps the itty bitty store always stocked with new, cute things at great prices! (this adorable ring was $12)

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Baby Announcements: Simple Stripes with Monogram!

I recently designed a few baby girl announcement options, for my sister-in-law's sister, Lucy in Jacksonville! Her adorable daughter, "Ellie" was born in April! Her only request was that the announcement be girly! So of course PINK, and what better combination is there than pink with chocolate brown?! Congratulations to the Bravo Family!