Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dyson Really Sucks! (In a GOOD way)

IT'S TRUE! I can't believe it....everything they say about the Dyson is TRUE. We have been through at least 5 vacuums in the last few years. One fell off the back of our moving truck during one of our many moves. One blew up. We even had central vac once. Our latest, a trusty red Hoover recently went on the brink, so I went and bought another Hoover at Costco. This time I didn't buy the cheapest one available there, but stepped it up a little bit to the Windtunnel. While I was wheeling my Windtunnel to the register, a lady actually stopped, and politely told me to go put it back and just buy the DYSON. I should have taken this as a sign, but of course I went on my way with the Windtunnel. I really hated it, and once my husband got a hold of it (he likes to clean)...he hated it as well. I joked that we could always go for the gold and buy the coveted DYSON (Costco sells the DC14) and he actually gave the green light!

I figured I better jump in the car and get right to it before he changed his mind. I actually was able to return BOTH Hoovers (score!....LOVE Costco), and therefore really didn't come out of pocket much. Got home, read the directions, assembled, started vacuuming and my life has been changed forever. Seriously. This thing is worth EVERY penny. After one quick vacuum of our bedroom and family room, the canister was full....REALLY disgusting! Little did I know, we've been living in filth.


Anonymous said...

I too have a Dyson (after MANY) vacuums including a Central Vac system. I was amazed with how much "stuff" was in the Dyson canister after I vacuumed our entire house with the Central Vac. We've only had our Dyson for about 6 months and I was cleaning it out & washing the filter, but still needed to vacuum (with 3 kids, a dog and a cat I'm always vacuuming!), so I got out our Central Vac and vacuumed away.....totally blown away by how "fluffed" my carpet looked after the Central Vac and how much little particles I heard being sucked up. Dyson does work great & gets a ton of pet hair up among other things, but we're not convinced it gets deep down? and fluffs the carpet as well as the Central Vac. I guess we'll be using both!! :) By the way...I'm digging your room design...I too have the green, black & white theme going on! Can't wait to see more!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Thanks for commenting! Our house now also has a central vac system, however it is really old and I wasn't ready to invest in a new unit just yet. So until then, I'm going to enjoy the new Dyson, it's such an improvement from what I had! :) Thank you on the room design! I'll definitely be posting more!