Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Website: Pandora - Internet Radio

My husband told me to go to and type in a music artist that I like. I typed in Natasha Bedingfield (my favorite song is "Angel" right now) and this amazing system then created an automatic playlist of artists/songs that I would like. If you don't like a song it plays, just select the "thumbs down" button and it will remove from the list and move to the next selection. If you love a song it plays, mark it with a "thumbs up" and it will factor that song into the mix. It constantly updates based on your preferences. You can read more about it on the site, but basically the guys at Pandora have analyzed the musical attributes of thousands of songs, therefore enabling them to provide customized playlists.'s FREE!

I have been listening to my first playlist while playing on the internet for two hours now, and I only nixed one song! I love it!
It's kind of fun to have great music going while you're blogging away! :)

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