Monday, April 6, 2009

TomKat Studio Frames: Miss Vivian is Officially Off The Market!

I had my first "real" Etsy frame sale a few hours ago! Miss Vivian, who was featured on NBC News in Atlanta a few weeks ago, was sold as a custom order. The customer ordered the black/ivory damask, with a hot pink flower for her daughter's paris themed room! (sounds familiar!) I think we'll call her Little Viv, Miss Vivian's daughter. Am I insane for writing about my frames like they are people? Is that just weird or a good marketing ploy? Just trying to keep things interesting, people! ;)

Inquiries have definitely picked up for the frames this week (after a price reduction across the board)! I was getting a little worried and thought about just focusing on invitations, since they are getting noticed! But I really LOVE making these, so I'm going to keep doing both for now!
The other day I had a custom request for Miss Evelyn, but without the flower. Unfortunately, I cannot locate that paper again. I buy paper everywhere randomly, so who knows where it came from. I can't even figure out the brand since it is obviously glued to the frame! Anyone a die-hard paper lover recognize it? I offered the customer a Martha paper in similar colors...we'll see if she likes it!

Also, I had a customer notice the polka dot frame with the beautiful black bow and rhinestone buckle in one of the group photos (shown at top) on Etsy. The actual frame isn't up because it was a sample/prototype that Kristi made, that we plan on making more of in the future. So the customer will probably take that one off of our hands!
While I'm on the topic of frames, I just realized I forgot to introduce you all to Angelina. (shown above) Here is her description from Etsy:
Meet Angelina! Angelina is bold, beautiful and provocative. Her black and white damask pattern is distressed and ink-washed, giving her an edge. She is topped with crystals to give her a little sparkle in the dark life she lives! This listing includes the black metal easel to display Angelina beautifully!

My friend, Lisa invited me to display my frames and invitations at her boutique party this Friday! I'm nervous because I have a ton to make before then! But really excited to see how people like my products in person! (I've only tried selling on Etsy so far!) Wanna come visit me at the party?!?! It's in Chandler. Email me! Please come, I need some support! And for all of you that come to my annual boutique party every December, the same purse people will be there!

Cheers! I'm off to assemble some lollipop invitations......Tommy keeps asking, "Momma, lollipops AGAIN?" Cute.


Unknown said...

I love the frame with the bow, it's so cute! Let me know the details of the party and I will make it if I can. :)

Setting the Mood said...

I just came across your blog and i LUUUUVVV it!! I can't wait to spend some time soaking it all in!!

Jessica said...

Hi Kim!

I was just looking through my stash of papers and came across some very familiar paper....the green damask that you needed for your Miss Evelyn frame. I don't know if you found out or not what brand it is, but it's by Melissa Frances and it's called "Sara" (item #PA099). Hope this helps! :)

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Jessica - WOW! That is impressive! I can't believe you found it! I do love that paper! I'm going to try to locate it again. The customer purchased the Angelina frame, but if I can find the paper, I'll see if she is still interested! Thank you!!!

Kristy Kay Jones said...

You officially have my permission to develop a "Miss Capri" design :)

Love the frames- keep up the great work!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Hey! You're finally on my blog! Yey!! I will definitely create a Miss Capri when I get some time! I already have the pink paper for it!