Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cupcake Monday: Monogrammed Cupcakes by Betty

{image via betty}

Hello my friends! Happy Monday! Today's post is brought to you by one of my favorite ladies in the kitchen, Miss Betty Crocker! Don't these look delicious? I am a sucker for anything personalized, so the monograms really caught my attention! That glossy smooth chocolate frosting? I'm ready to learn how to do that! Oh, and did I mention these are filled with a frosting/marshmallow cream filling? Can you say "yummy"?

View full recipe and instructions HERE!

We were at Dylan's party yesterday, and a friend asked for my favorite cupcake recipe, and to her surprise, I told her my cupcakes are always from a BOX! (Sorry if I'm disappointing my followers who bake, but it's the truth!) However, my BOX of choice is Betty Crocker Super Moist in White or Devils Food. My secret for deliciousness is slightly undercooking the cupcakes (by a minute or two), to keep them moist! My favorite frosting is Betty Crocker Whipped in Fluffy White! The texture and color remind me of a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone, especially when topped with my favorite CakeMate rainbow sprinkles!

I made a box today with the kids, and when my husband came home, he said "Why did you make all those cupcakes?" My reply, "...because the kids wanted to?" :) :) :) I forgot to mention I whispered in my son's ear..."do you want to help me make cupcakes?!"


Live.Love. Photography said...

mmmm.....those look like big junior mints!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

You make me laugh! Your idea of why to make cupcakes sounds like mine.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I love to bake from scratch, but I still have not found a cake or icing recipe that tastes better than the box! My favorite is Duncan Heines yellow cake with chocolate icing...yum!

And I hear you about baking with the kids! The other day I told/asked my son, "do you want to bake cookies?". :)

Unknown said...

Those look delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those monogrammed cupcakes. Looks like I can add a new baking task to try and master...Wonder how they get the icing to look so smooth and "just so"?

Unknown said...

every touch is just perfect. great photographs, too! we have four Christmas birthdays at our house. whew!