Friday, June 5, 2009

Where in the World Am I?

I'm on vacation! We just returned from a "staycation" at a local resort with a fabulous water park! It was a quick few days, but much needed!

I miss the blogging world....but I vowed to "unplug" until Monday. I had to take a little peek at my blog reader...but only let myself indulge in the fun for 30 minutes. (okay, an hour....) But I am no where near caught up with all the blogs I follow.

I've been crafting today for Tommy's Birthday Party, which is Saturday. Another reason I needed to "unplug"....poor guy wouldn't have any party decorations if mommy didn't shut off the other mommies who need party stuff! ;) Gotta keep the priorities straight! (not that I don't love my customers!)

Be back Monday (if I can resist until then), with T's party and more!
Do you miss me?

Miss you,


Live.Love. Photography said...

Good for you! It's hard but so needed. You feel refreshed when you do too. But I have been checkin' and did miss you! O can't wait for the partay! She's been counting down the days since Tuesday!

Aaron [air] said...

of course we miss you! But you HAVE to take a break now and then and how great to have quality family time!

Enjoy and cant wait til you return!

Just Believing said...

just found your blog from etsy and to i'm obsessed to say the least....i like to preplan my baby shower ( were adopting) and want to do a candy theme and cant wait to order the lollopop invites!!! too cute!!!