Monday, December 7, 2009

Martha & Me: Great Minds Think Alike! :)

Martha and I are on the same wavelength this holiday season!
I couldn't resist picking up her latest issue, with the aqua & red cover! LOVE it!
This issue is FULL of great holiday ideas! Pick one up!

See....two peas in a pod, Martha & I.....
My aqua & red snowflake party inspiration post!
hee! hee! :)
Also, did you notice my aqua & red Etsy finds in my sidebar?!
Super cute stuff for this theme!


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

You and Martha have always been close :)

Aaron [air] said...

I am NOT ashamed to admit that I read this issue from cover to cover when it came! I was SO excited and I re-read last years holiday issue as well. I also {heart} Martha & YOU!

Karen said...

I love the aqua and red color palette. I noticed that Real Simple used the same combination on their Christmas issue too.

Tracey Bower- Bower Studio said...

I'm having a holiday/40th birthday party for my husband this Sat and red & aqua are the colors!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Our Christmas cards are aqua and red this year, and i added some Martha glitter to them : )

I love and admire Martha, like my husband does sports stars!

MixMingleGlow said...

well you know I was ALL OVER IT when I saw Martha's cover as well as Real Simple this month....seeing as how my whole blog/company ID is red and aqua! LOVE it! I certainly didn't invent the color combo when I came up with all the stuff for my business cards/blog/etc, but I have definitely seen it in more and more places since then...loved your snowflake design immediately! You, me and Martha really should put our heads together more often! :)