Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bye Bye Christmas!

It is a sad day when the Christmas decor comes down. When I woke up this morning, my husband declared it "take-down" and cleaning day, and when he gets motivated for activities such as this, I go with it. Thousands of lights, two Christmas trees, and five hours later, we're done....inside and out! Everything looks clean and organized but that Christmas glow is gone. Oh well, it gets me in the organizing mood for the new year. Above is a photo taken in my garage...bins, bins and more bins! Even though I have mild OCD, don't entire garage doesn't look like this, although I wish it did!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
PS. If anyone needs help organzing their home, I will be writing a post soon about a friend of mine, Sheri who has an organizing business. While the real estate market remains at its present state, I am also available for hire......

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

You're crazy...already? I'm still trying to get myself together after the third holiday party we had here the day after Christmas. If I could only be so motivated.