Saturday, December 20, 2008

Live. Love. Photography

Creative Thinking: I recently designed a logo for my good friend, Tina's new photography company. We brainstormed on names for the company, came up with a long list, and played with logos for a few. "Liv" was always something she came back to, because her daughter's name is Olivia. One of the other ones we liked was White Daisy Photography. Luckily, she chose Live. Love., as our friend and expert wedding videographer, Taryn from Serendipity Videography informed us that daisies aren't the best flower to be associated with if you are in the wedding business! (cheap, perhaps!?) And I thought "daisy" was cute! Tina took up photography last year, and has quickly picked up an "eye" for shooting and a talent for editing!

Her website and blog are now live! Check them out:

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