Monday, December 29, 2008

Organizing: Leave It To Sheri

It's that time of the year for starting fresh, getting organized
and cleaning house!
I have a friend, Sheri who I say is "well-connected". She seems to know everyone. We met randomly when I was in college at ASU, when I was selling some handmade cards at a school boutique (the mom of the family I babysat for organized the boutique and Sheri was a friend of hers) and she bought them all! She hired me several years in a row to come to her annual "Valentini" party and lead her guests (all women) in making valentines for their kids and husbands. What fun! I was paid (well) to craft, eat and hang out with the society ladies of Paradise Valley. Fab. By the way, the guests of this annual party also enjoyed massages, psychic readings, a martini bar with a hot bartender and amazing catered food! Really Fab.
Maybe I should start hosting a Valentine's Party?

Anyway, Sheri and I have remained friends all these years and she recently helped me locate a bunch of furniture and accessories to borrow/purchase for staging a home I own (which I now happen to live in!). As a thank you, I offered to create her logo & business card design for her new company, "Leave It to Sheri". She is a professional organizer and is busy as can be!

You can contact her for rates/availability at

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