Saturday, December 20, 2008

Too Many Christmas Cards? Here's an Idea!

So, we have a huge 12' Christmas tree in our family room, and this year I planned on making new bows for it, but never got to it. It looks a little empty. Enter...tons of Christmas cards that have been pouring in this week. My little wire photo holder is overloaded. I really thought that a lot of people we foregoing cards this year, with the economy/cost of postage, but I was wrong. They were either just cutting it close, or waiting until they received mine so they would have our new address! :)

Christmas cards, meet Christmas tree! Two problems solved!

Here are a few of my favorites this far!

Hadvab's: Thuy made these herself (of course), with adorable photos taken by her sister, Tina who just started a photography company - LiveLove Photography. (I designed the logo!)

Tamburrelli' the card, but really love the adorable kids! Look at sweet Lexi in the top middle photo, is that a Guess Kids ad or what!? These photos were taken by the same photographer we used this year, O Grace Photography! Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Love reading the blog! Look forward to getting ideas from it! And happy to see I made the holiday card post! Happy crafting... Thuy

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Thanks Thuy! Glad you like it! Of course your card made the was fabulous as usual!