Monday, December 22, 2008

Sometimes, I try to be a florist, too....

I dabble in flower arranging....which means, that I can pick up a few dozen roses at Costco and turn them into a "Martha-like" cluster arrangement! I did get a little brave last month and offered to do my friend Amanda's wedding flowers (two bouquets, boutonniere & some vase arrangements), and incorporated more than Costco roses. However, that will have to be another post....a long one. This is more my style....a quick bouquet of roses in a simple vase with a pretty bow and customized note! Since it's winter, Costco includes two stems of pine needles, so I cut those up and made a "skirt" at the base of the arrangement. I made this for my very best friend, Kristi who just gave birth to a baby girl. She loved it!

Cost: $15/roses, $4/Ikea vase (I keep these on hand!), ribbon/paper/ink = under $20. Just curious...what do you think an arrangement like this would cost at a florist?

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Nicole said...

That's really pretty. I love it..really creative.. I think it would cost around 30-50 dollars if not more