Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love from Marblehead!

This pretty polka dot package and its fabulous contents arrived yesterday in my mailbox, from my dear friend Meredith in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
Let me tell you a little bit about her. We met through our husbands, who were fraternity brothers at ASU. I remember our first date with the "Nelsons", you know...you're always just a wee bit nervous, meeting the other half, and hoping things go well. I knew that night that Meredith & I would be fast friends and had so much in common. She is an amazing decorator, loves crafting, and is an avid photographer. We started hanging out with them all of the time, as Meredith is quite the planner and was always coming up with fun things to do. A few years later, Meredith & I started a group, Domestic Divas, which is a group of girls who get together every few weeks to get away from daily life, to craft, chat & relax. Danny & I took many crazy, fun vacations with the Nelsons, before we had babies!

While Meredith was pregnant, they decided to move back to her hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Though I was devastated, I understood the need to have family nearby to help with the kids. We had the opportunity to visit them this past summer, to finally meet their two boys and see their charming town. We had a great time!
Meredith is just one of those genuine, sweet, honest people. The Nelsons have been through quite a bit the last couple years, with their son, Drew being diagnosed with mild autism. Drew is a lucky child to have parents like Ryan & Meredith, who would go to ends of the world to help him. You can visit her blog about her experience HERE.

Even with her hectic schedule, Meredith finds time to send me the sweetest gifts. Whether it's a thank you for something or just for fun, I am always excited to open a package from her! So yesterday, she made my day with these adorable notecards (whitneyenglish.com) and photo album. I love them, they couldn't be more perfect. And of course, she coordinated with the new decor in my TomKat Studio!

Thank you Meredith, for everything.


Anonymous said...

I just cried. Literally! You made my day Kimmi- I miss and love you..xxooo

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I just love that girl! Wish she lived here!