Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Fabulous Christmas Present - The TomKat Studio/Craft Room Makeover!

My fantastic husband came up with a great idea for my Christmas gift this year! Since I am working more from home now with the kids, I have more time for all my fun stuff - crafting, invitations, etc. We have a den in our house that is currently not being used. It's decorated (sort of...see photo below), but not functioning as anything.

My fabulous gift is a budget to turn the den into an actual "TomKat Studio"! To start it off, he & the kids gave me a gift certificate to Ikea! Yippee! It is going to be a super fun project and I am looking for ideas!

I currently have a huge armoire in our guest room that I LOVE from Ballard Designs (bought it used last year for $500, still sells for $1900...see below, photo from Ballard's website) It houses my big good printer, and all sorts of paper and crafting supplies. I plan on moving this armoire to the den, and moving a small black desk from the den to the guest room.

This is an office from Pottery Barn that I had saved in my "idea binder" that makes me sway toward using green, black and white! The den is also on the same side of the house with the master bedroom, which also has green accents. I might be so bold and add wallpaper to one wall? Something like damask or swirls or something might be fun. I've never wallpapered before, (only removed!) so any advice would be welcome!

Here are my goals so far:
1. A large table/desk for the middle of the room for work space (and comfy chair)

2. Storage shelves/baskets

3. Jars and goodies to hold all the little crafty items

4. Closet organization

5. Fancy lighting

6. A way to display projects/invitations

7. A small kids table/chairs, so my little ones can play too

I can't wait to get started! Any ideas?! Please share! I'm off to study my IKEA catalog!


My husband got creative and made me a certificate for the project, isn't that sweet?


Live.Love. Photography said...

That is really cute! I love the certificate and how he had them sign it! Good Job Dad! I love the green and black (hence my salon). I did hair for a wedding with that decor (the damask, green, and black) and it was very classy. You should check out my MIL blog. She redid her craft room. It is a different style but maybe get some storage ideas. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I am sure it will be beautiful!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Thanks Tina! Let me know if you see any inspiration anywhere. I just realized that it is kind of funny that he signed the certificate "Dad"...but hey, I guess that is what we call each other now...Mom & Dad! What is MIL blog?

Live.Love. Photography said...

Mother-in-law silly! Go to her blog and search craft room or storage. Like I said different style but who knows. She keeps alot of things in jars and stuff thats kinda cute. I will keep a look out for inspiration but you know me I am so not organized or have a creative space! My workspace is half a playroom and it all looks like a bomb went off! I am only organized in my head :) But New Years is around the corner and that is top of my list!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Ah Ha! Got it! True on your workspace, plenty of potential though. We can always trade hair for organizing! Remember when I staged your last house to sell, you wanted to stay!