Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{Free Printable Calendar} JANUARY 2010

What a better way to get me "back in the groove" on my blog & shop than to post a JANUARY calendar! I apologize for the delay and appreciate your gentle reminders that you are awaiting my calendars! :)
I have decided to make things easy for you, my dear readers, by designing the ENTIRE year of 2010 printable monthly calendars!
They are in progress, but for now I figured I better go ahead and post JANUARY!

January 2010 - TomKat Studio



Nicki said...

THANKS!!! I must say I have been checking daily for them! ;)

Unknown said...

THANK YOU! I was waiting patiently! Just took down my December calendar 2 days ago! They have a home on my fridge. :)

Toni Danielson said...

So wonderful thank you so much! I didn't receive my annual gift of a calendar this year!

Also, we have listed you and your inspiring blog on happy Hour Mom's top 10 Homepage.

I love love love your style!!

Unknown said...

Kelly from the Party Dress referred me to your site...DARLING! Love all of your ideas!


heather said...

Thank you for posting a new month! I LOVE your calendars so much!!!

Kristi said...

SO happy that you are going to post the entire 2010 year of calendars! I always am booking things months in advanced so it will be wonderful to have them all ready to go!!! Love you!!

Lynn Kellan said...

Hi Kim! I just found you from Today's Creative Blog, and I'm genuinely excited to be a new follower. Your ideas inspire me!

Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

found you via Today's Creative Blog! Love all your inspiring ideas! Can't wait to sit and peruse longer!