Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cupcake Monday: Do You Have THE Cupcake Stand?

Good Monday Morning, my lovelies!

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you've probably read or seen pictures of THE cupcake stand. I orginally purchased it for Kate's Lollipop Party, and have then used it for Tommy's Beach Boy Party, my nephew Jack's Pirate Party & at a home boutique to show off my products! Well, apparently you all like it! I love when my customers share party photos with me. I also love when readers tell me I inspired them and they send me photos of what they've made! So, I've put together all of the photos I have (so far) of THE famous cupcake tower! This stand is made by Wilton and available at Michael's and online HERE!

Need tips on how to decorate your stand? View my post HERE!
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{party/photo credits}

1. Kate's Lollipop Party (cupcakes & toppers by TomKat Studio)
2. Tommy's Beach Boy Party (cupcakes & toppers by TomKat Studio)
3. TomKat Studio at Boutique
4. Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party (by friend, Thuy)
5. Little Birdie Baby Shower (cupcake toppers by TKS, more photos coming soon!)
6. Jack's Pirate Party (cupcakes & toppers by TomKat Studio)
7. Mermaid Party (by Living Locurto, tower inspired by TomKat)
8. Gentry's Sweet Shoppe Party (some toppers by TomKat Studio)
7. Caden's Cupcake Birthday (toppers by TomKat Studio)
8. Sophia's Flower Party (toppers by TomKat Studio)
9. Ava's 1st Birthday (toppers by TomKat Studio)
10. Emma Kate's 1st Birthday Party (inspired)
11. Sip & See by Sarah (inspired)
12. Hadley's Candy Party by Aimee (inspired)
13. LadyBug Shower by Fig & Ruby (inspired)


Karen said...

Yes! I've got mine! Doesn't look like these cute ones but I'll work on it!

jane l said...

so great to look at all those,everyone did a great job...

The Italian Dish said...

LOVE this! So inspirational! Thanks for all the photos - great ideas. People are so darn creative.

Tricia said...

How fun!! Love them all. I thought of you yesterday as I was helping my little one make one very messy and time consuming cupcake with her girl gourmet cupcake maker. I definitely lack the patience for making them, but I love to look at them and eat tons and tons of them. :-)
Happy Monday Kim!

Alexis said...

I am off to Michael's with my 50% off coupon!

Tori {Thoughtfully Simple} said...

Yes, Kim my best friend and I just grabbed this for her son's 1st Bday party too! We picked ours up at JoAnn's for 40% off! Love, love it!

Aaron [air] said...

So I got the mini version of the stand at walmart of all places. LOVE IT!

koralee said...

Oh yes I do...just bought it and love it...I have been wanting one for oh so long! These ones are darling! I may just need another!

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

I used it for Cale's bday!

heather said...

of course I have it...thanks to you mentioning it!

Rachel@ Soiree Design said...

After seeing your original post a couple of months ago I went out and purchased this (and used my Michael's coupon). I love it! So many options customizing this. You're ideas are inspiring...keep up the good work!