Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday Party: The Great Outdoors - Camping

We attended a really fun birthday party today for our little friend, Bella! Bella's creative momma, Vicki planned a great camping themed party to celebrate Bella's 4th birthday! With fantastic March weather in Phoenix, the Great Outdoors theme was perfect!

The kids started with a craft, painting little bird houses. They were so cute! See Tommy & Kate's above! You can find birdhouses or other paintable wood objects at Michaels or any local craft store.
A huge tent was set up in the backyard, and all of the kids were gathered in the tent while Dad went around and created a scavenger hunt! Meanwhile in the tent, Mom gave out glow bracelets and wooden sticks, and sang songs with the kids. The kids were instructed to find certain objects (snakes, frogs, horses) and were let loose to hunt!

After pizza, the kids were given cupcakes to decorate as ladybugs, as well as cups filled with "mud" pudding to add ingredients to (like gummy worms, graham crackers)! This was a hit! One of the little boys even dumped the entire bowl of oreo bits into his cup! (see below) Too cute!

It's a great idea to have lots planned activities to keep the kids busy and having fun! For party favors, gifts were wrapped in a bandana and tied to a wooden dowel! Adorable!
Great work, Miss Vicki!

I searched online for some cute camping invitations, but didn't find too many cute ones! Maybe I should design one! Here is one cute one I found:
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Any other ideas for a Camping or Great Outdoors themed party? Comment here!

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Anonymous said...

ALL very cute, good work Vicki!