Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Love from Doodlebuds!

Blogging is an interesting thing. You "meet" people that have the same interests and experiences as you. It's amazing for me to find so many people (all women in my case) out there who are obsessed with things that I am obsessed with. You can really get to know someone through their blog. Some blogs make you drool, some make you laugh and some make you cry. I love them all.

In my short time blogging, I have had several people reach out to me and offer advice about opening an Etsy shop, offer to review products, and make suggestions to help me succeed, and even ask me to contribute to their blog! Someone actually admitted today that they are now an official stalker of mine! (isn't that sweet?!) It's like a community out there in the blogosphere, and I sure like being a member!

Many of the blogs I follow, I have found by reading comments of other blogs that I read. If I read a comment I like, I'll click through and check out that person's blog. Sometimes I find winners, sometimes not so much. And even sometimes, I make a new friend! :)

My new blogging friend, Heather from Doodlebuds wrote THIS POST about me and my shop the other day. I'm even sure how we first connected? Probably from a comment elsewhere, like on one of my faves, Decor8. So after a few comments back and forth, Heather emailed me to congratulate me on the opening of my Etsy shop and my first sale. She emailed me a list of other websites/blogs to check out that she thought would be of interest. to me. She also mentioned that she is a creative director for a book publishing company. (and she's reading MY blog?!) She has designed tons of gift and children's books. You know those "little black" and "little pink" gift books up by the checkout at Barnes & Noble....those are part of her portfolio!
Thank you, Heather! And thank you blogosphere, I really do love being a part of you.

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Heather said...

You are too kind! I love that sweet illustration!
And Happy Birthday to your daughter...she's so cute!
Hope you have a great time at the lollipop party...can't wait to see those photos!