Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been tagged Fabulous!

Thanks so much to my new blogging friend, Tiz at Bel Regali for naming my blog as 1 of her 5 favorite fabulous blogs! Tiz owns a favor company with lots of great party and wedding favors! You can check out her shop HERE. She just started her blog! Now the deal is, I have to list 5 things I think are FABULOUS and bestow the honor to 5 of my favorite fabulous blogs, so here goes!


1. Blogging - I'm just a wee bit obsessed with reading blogs, and writing them now too. This is all fairly new to me (a couple months), but I am amazed by the ideas, inspiration and people I have come across.

2. Etsy - A place to find fabulous gifts and products - all handmade (ok, I just opened my little shop there so I'm a little biased). It's just a great concept and if it was publicly traded, I'd have my hubby buy stock it in.

3. Paper Crafts - enough said. Read my blog.

4. Nice People - some people are just plain nice. I like them.

5. My life - I am lucky to have a wonderful hubby, two healthy happy children, great friends, and the ability to pursue whatever dream I feel like following at any given moment.


1. Project Nursery - The first fabulous blog that I followed, and now I'm a contributor!

2. Decor8 - My daily dose of decorating, Etsy finds, and creative inspiration from Holly Becker, aka "my hero".

3. Sarah's FAB Day - The name says it all. Sarah writes about decorating, fashion, and all things fabulous!

4. Doodlebuds - A new creative blogging friend, Heather who serves up great posts on day-to-day life infuzed with creativity.

5. Party Perfect - Just discovered this gem yesterday!

Okay, time to pass on the torch ladies!


Anonymous said...

Why Thank You Kim :) Will do!

Heather said...

Thank you! How flattering! I am honored! I hope my "fabulous" list does you justice!