Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Parties: Happy Birthday Banner!

Hello! I thought I would share this fun, bright banner I made for a recent Lollipop Party order! I have been testing out a borrowed Cricut machine, and it's quite fun! I think if I purchase one, I will go for one that is able to cut larger shapes. The one I have goes up to 5.5". My lovely cousin let me borrow it and I hope she doesn't ask for it back soon, I kinda like it! :)

Any advice on cutting machines would be greatly appreciated!


*margie* said...

Kim -does the Cricut cut the letters, or are those printed?

Candice said...

I have been wanting one as well, let us know if you get one. This is just so cute, I mean really , you are so creative.

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I did the letters and circles on the Cricut. Easy! Time consuming...but easy!

Aaron [air] said...

I told you that a cutting machine was something you needed! My advice is that the cricut is nice and easy but will cost you in cartridges. My machine the pazzle inspiration {you can buy it on QVC or and they are on easy pay and if you dont like you can send back no questions asked} takes any font you want. I always buy fonts off of especially when they have their dollar sale.

Anyway have fun with that cricut. You have a nice cousin.