Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parties: My Favorite Cupcake Stand on Bakerella!

I would love to say that I inspired Bakerella to recently purchase the Wilton cupcake stand that I so lovingly talk about, but I'm quite sure that Miss Bakerella does not read my blog. She's a little busy baking and blogging about it! Have you ever visited her site? Her blog is ridiculously popular....for instance, on this post about the cupcakes for the baptism she made, there are already 3,000 comments and I just received the link via email. See the post and fab photos HERE!

Remember....you saw it HERE first!


Bethany said...

LOVE Bakerella!! I noticed she had the same cupcake stand you do!! I went to Michael's this morning in search of my own but couldn't find one! Such is ALWAYS my luck!!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Try JOANN fabrics & crafts! I saw them there the other day! Also it is available online! Just google "wilton cupcake stand" and you'll find it! :)

Sue said...

:o) I did see it on your blog first!

I was thinking I had to get to Michael's b/c my daughter's first birthday is going to be cupcake themed. Then I saw the post on Bakerella's blog...Michael's will be sold out for months!

Hacker Family said...

I'm so bummed, I have looked in three different Michael's for this cake stand and none of them carry it. I'm still on the hunt, but need it by June 6th for my daughter's cupcake themed 1st birthday.