Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crafting: Silk Flower Clippies

{photo via a feathered nest}

I LOVE these flower clips and they look super easy! It seems that it is finally okay for mommas to wear them in their hair, not just little girls! I'm no stranger to gluing bling on to flowers, but I've never made a clippie! Thanks to Abby at "A Feathered Nest" I have the instructions now!

My daughter has quite a huge selection of flower clippies with rhinestones. Before she had pigtails, she wore one at all times. Now, it's momma's turn! My sister-in-law has made some fabulous ones for "big girls", as well as my friend, Thuy!

I love the green jewel on this white flower! Thuy used the same jewels, but in clear for Kate's memo board. (I hijacked it HERE)

These flowers are also adorable to clip on your purse or diaper bag!



Anonymous said...

these are so fabulous! I've always wanted to make clippies :) now if I could just find more time in my day to make a few of these for Mother's Day gifts......

Tiz said...

Looks nice and I can see how a clippie like those rockin' ones can accent a low ponytail or side sweep... funky!

Happy Mother's Day!

All About the Arredondos said...

Yeah, so excited to finally know how to make these!! I need the instructions on how to make Kate's memo board! Adorable!!!