Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cupcake Monday: Perfect Summer Cupcakes!

Happy Monday!

My Etsy shop is now on VACATION until Monday, 6/8. My hubby is off for the week, and we are going to getaway with the kids for a few days and also prepare for Tommy's Birthday Party coming up this weekend! I decided (after much thought) it would be a good idea to put the shop on vacation mode, so I relax and catch up on some projects! I've been going, going, going and really need this little break! I'll still be here blogging.....just not taking any new orders in the shop!

For today's "Cupcake Monday", I figured this was the perfect cupcake to post since I am literally in vacation mode! Chelsea, at PaperCakes Finds, posted this bright, summery fun cupcake on her blog a couple weeks ago! I figured it would link to the recipe, or maybe to Martha's website....but these are cupcakes you can actually order on ETSY! (Who knew?....fresh baked goods?)

Visit the Cupcake Mint Shop HERE!

Yummy! These would be perfect for a tropical themed party or luau!

Happy Summer! (almost!)

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simone said...

Hi Kim!
I love your blog (came this way from the comment you left on my blog) Your work is fantastic....bright and modern and fun. I love the lollipop idea...I'll be thinking about that one when my winter babies have birthdays at the end of the year. I'll be checking back in often!