Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Parties: Marshmallow Lollipops!

I was inspired by this photo from Bakerella to make these yummy looking lollipops! However, I never looked at the actual recipe, and come to find out hers are actually little cakes! Yum!

Anyway, mine (shown above) were just pink strawberry marshmallows dipped halfway into melted chocolate, covered in sprinkles and topped with an M&M! They were super cute, and super yummy! The kids loved them, of course!

Speaking of Bakerella, I just popped over to get the links, and I was greeted by all of these amazing cupcake pops! This girl's got pops for every occasion! Check out her SITE for gorgeous photos and recipes! I'm going to have to try to make the REAL ones soon! Yum!


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Those cupcake pops are a whole cake broken up and mixed with a can of frosting, shaped, put on a stick and then dipped in frosting. Your idea was MUCH easier and just as cute!

Live.Love. Photography said...

Easier is better! Though I do love petit fours! And these easter ones are really cute. But mine wouldn't look like that so I wouldn't even try and would probably go your route and do the marshmellows!

BTW your new "birdie" SOOOOO CUTE!! I really like those!

Hacker Family said...

Kim - where did you get your tablecloth and plates? I love them and would love to get them for my daughter's upcoming party.

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

The tablecloth & plates are from the Target Valentine's Day line. (bought right after Vday 2/15 on clearance!) Sorry! A good source for partyware: www.platesandnapkins.com

Sarah said...

I love these. My kids would think they ha died and gone to heaven if I whipped these out (your marshmellow version only). My son's b-day is coming up. I may have to work these in somehow. Thanks for the inspiration.